December 24, 2020

The reopening of gyms around Australia in May and June has been a sigh of relief for many gym-goers and not to mention gym owners. While Victorian gyms have recently reopened under strict capacity restrictions, many people have fallen off the fitness bandwagon and are looking to get back into it. The Covid-19 pandemic has proved challenging for the fitness industry but there are still ways to protect ourselves and others. Everyone should be able to stay fit, active and healthy without the fear of getting sick!

Here’s how we can ensure our shared gym spaces are safe and stop the spread of Covid-19:

man with a protective suit and mask cleaning gym to prevent infection during coronavirus epidemic

Gym Cleaning & Disinfecting

It’s both the gym staff and members responsibility to help protect everyone at the gym. First and foremost, do not to go to a gym or fitness centre if you have any cold or flu symptoms. It’s recommended to wash your hands or use hand sanitiser both when you arrive and leave the gym. You should also try to avoid touching your face or mouth while working out. In addition to this, social distancing and general hygiene is paramount. However, one of the most overlooked ways to keep everyone safe in the gym is not just cleaning gym equipment, but actually disinfecting it (yes there is a difference).

Cleaning itself refers to the basic removal of impurities, germs and dirt using something like soap and water. While disinfecting refers to using an appropriate disinfectant to destroy pathogenic microorganisms and remove most organisms on a surface. Sterilisation and Sanitisation are also entirely different things too if you were wondering. It’s important that all gym staff are aware of the appropriate protocols (which will become the new normal) and know how to follow a cleaning plan that will involve things like:

  • Itemising all surfaces and equipment that will need to be cleaned
  • Prioritising the cleaning of frequently touched surfaces
  • Creating a cleaning schedule around peak times and classes

Members also need to be notified of the steps being taken to clean and disinfect the facility, whether it be by social media, emails or signage. Check out this article for more information on the exact steps to take for fitness centre cleaning. This is so crucial to ensure there is no chance of Covid-19 spreading between people at the gym!

man with a protective suit and mask cleaning gym to prevent infection during coronavirus epidemic

What product should you use to disinfect gym equipment?

Why not use a product specifically designed to be used in gyms and fitness centres? Introducing Gym Lab. It is a ground-breaking new gym disinfectant spray designed for workout spaces, providing a portable method for easy and effective cleaning. The multipurpose, eucalyptus-based formula has been proven to kill 99.9% of harmful germs. It also helps to eliminate bad odours while deodorising and disinfecting. It is easy for gym owners, members and personal trainers to sanitise gym equipment, non-washable gear and surfaces. What more could you want?

The makers of Gym Lab designed the product with sustainability in mind, without the need for wasteful disinfectant wipes or paper towels going to landfill and harming the environment! Most states are required under their Covid-Safety plan to have a staff member present during all opening hours for cleaning purposes. Even so, it still wouldn’t be possible for them to disinfect every piece of equipment after every single use. As you can imagine, this can be a risk for people to be exposed to germs left by other people. Research has shown that frequently touched gym equipment can be dirtier than a toilet seat! So whether you spend your time on the treadmill, exercise bike, in a squat rack, or with dumbbells in hand, Gym Lab has you covered!

Build Your Own Home Gym

Alternatively, if you aren’t ready to return to the gym then why not build your own perfect home gym? There are definitely a few benefits to owning a home gym like convenience, the ability to customise it to your goals and you can save money in the long term. You won’t have to worry as much about the spread of Covid-19 plus other germs and disease, although we do still recommend the use of a disinfectant spray such as Gym Lab when sharing with others.

Another factor to consider is the possibility of another lock down resulting in gyms being closed for a second time. While we truly hope it doesn’t happen, you will be prepared with a home gym, while others scramble to purchase equipment and stores sell out quickly due to the unprecedented demand.


home gym with treadmill, exercise bike, dumbbells, weights, squat rack, lat pulldown, weight bench, kettlebell


No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we sell a range of workout equipment online for any home gym suitable for complete beginners all the way to advanced athletes. Unsure on what types of equipment you might need? We have put together a few suggestions below:

For the cardio bunnies who want to tone and lose weight, check out the NordicTrack Sport S30 Treadmill or the FleetX FXB3 Exercise Bike. For more of a full-body workout consider the Proform 750R Rower.

For the boxing fanatics, the Morgan 4ft V2 Boxing Bag plus a pair of Morgan V2 Classic Boxing Gloves would be the perfect fit. Don’t forget a Bag Hanger if needed!

For a barbell based weightlifting setup, the MMPR Power Rack (our bestseller) and the BFD3 Flat Bench paired with a Muscle Motion Bumper Weight Package is recommended.

For a dumbbell based weightlifting setup, the ASFID Super FID Bench with Preacher Curl & Leg Developer combined with an Adjustable Dumbbell Set would be great for smaller spaces and still allows the ability to get a full-body workout in.

To build muscle and strength using machines, the Muscle Motion Light Commercial Multi Station is the perfect all-in-one piece of equipment. Additional attachments can also be purchased.

If you are still unsure about what equipment might be right for you and want to have a chat, feel free to give us a call on 1300 488 866 or go to our live chat. Don’t forget you can also pay in instalments with Afterpay and Zip! 


*None of this information should be considered medical or health advice. Gym Direct will not assume any responsibility for actions taken from consuming this content. Consult a medical professional and/or government advice for information about Covid-19 and the precautions you should take.


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