Bumper Plates

Buy cheap bumper plates for your gym. Our range of muscle motion bumper plates come in many sizes and colours to suit any gym needs. Whether you need home or commercial gym equipment, we have the range of bumper weight plates you need.

Choose from either single weights or save money with one of our bumper weight plate sets for sale.

Budget Black Bumper Plates

This is a great value for money economy bumper weights set. Perfect for trainees getting into olympic style lifts, power cleans...
Hi Temp Bumper Plates

High Temp bumper plates range is the latest addition to Muscle Motion Bumper weights collection. They are made of crumbed rubbe...
Muscle Motion Colour Bumper Plates

The new Muscle Motion bumper plates have significant improvements over Economy bumper plates.
Elite Bumper Plates

These Elite color-coded bumpers are an IWF standard 450mm in diameter, A 50.4mm collar opening and steel disc insert keep the p...
Technique Plates

These Technique Bumper Plates are the standard IWF plate size (450mm) means that you can learn the proper lifting technique fro...
Fractional Weight Plates

Muscle Motion 5kg set consists of 4 pairs of weight plates in 0.25kg increments. This gives you two discs each of 0.25, 0.5, 0....