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Q: The item I need is marked OUT OF STOCK, how long until I can purchase it?

A: If the item you wish to purchase is currently OUT OF STOCK, you can add your email address in the product page to receive an email reminder once this product is back in stock or you can purchase it now and have it sent out once back in stock. Most products will also have an ETA (estimated time of arrival) listed on their products page for your reference - we will only add an ETA if we know when the item is expected to arrive. 

Q: Do these products come assembled?

A: No, all our products are shipped in either flat-packed boxes, palette, box or parcel.


Q: Do you ship outside of Australia?

A: No, Gym Direct does not ship outside of Australia.

Q: How much is delivery?

A: Delivery for most items can be calculated using the websites shipping calculator. After you have added your items to the shopping cart, add your postcode into the shopping cart to initiate the shipping calculator, rates will then calculate here as you add/remove products.

Q: Why is the shipping calculator not working?

A: If you are not receiving a calculated shipping rate for your order, it is likely your order is either very heavy, large or to a regional/remote area of Australia. We can still deliver to your address, however, we just need to obtain a custom freight quote for you which can take between 1-3 business days. To get a custom freight quote, please click on "enquiry" in the shopping cart and complete the enquiry form with your information. Your shopping cart will then be sent to us with your details and we will then calculate the most economical freight option for you.

Q: What shipping methods do you have available?

A: We send small size items via Australian Post and Toll Ipec. Bulky/heavy items are sent via a Freight Carrier service.  

Q: Do you allow pick up from your warehouse in Caringbah?

A: Yes, you can pick up from our warehouse at 23-25 Mangrove Lane, Taren Point NSW 2229. Online orders can take 1-2 days to be processed, it's best to call us prior to your arrival so we can have your item ready for you.

B:  With large orders, we need prior notice to prepare orders, especially if you are sending your own transport to pick up, as it takes time to pack everything onto pallets and wrap, normally 24 hours prior notice is required.  

Q: How long will it take to have my order delivered?

A: We will dispatch your order from our warehouse within 1-2 business days upon clearance of your payment and confirmation of delivery address. Lead time varies as per the destination. Please note, we cannot advise the exact day and time delivery will occur.

Q: Am I able to track my purchased items?

A: Once you have placed your order, either online or over the phone, an automated email will be sent to your chosen email address within the following 72 hours. This email will include your consignment number so you will be able to track its shipping status.   

Q: Can my order be delivered in the weekend?

A: Unfortunately not. The courier company does not deliver on weekends or public holiday's.

Q: What if my order weighs more than 250kg?

A: If you require delivery to a residential address and your order contains any single boxed items over 50kg, or combination of heavy/large items : (over 250kg), a tail lift service will likely be required and costs $149. The tail lift charge is not included in the shipping calculator on this website and needs to be added to the total if the service is required. Please contact us if you are unsure whether this service will be required for your order.

The following situations can be exempt from tail lift charges:

  • Deliveries to Sydney Metro addresses where the receiver can organise manual unload.
  • Deliveries to business addresses with forklift access.
  • Deliveries to local depots for customer pick up, please ask us for the closest depot if you are in a regional/remote area.
  • An order to a residential address weighing up to 250kg, where no single boxed item exceeds 50kg.

Q: What is a tail lift?

A: A Tail lift is a mechanical device permanently fitted to the back of a delivery truck. It is used to lift heavy items on and off the truck when a forklift is not available.

Please note: Sometimes in the event that a tail lift truck is not available, the freight carrier will hand unload the heavy items off the truck. Hand unload by the freight carrier is covered by the tail lift surcharge if the tail lift service is not available.

Q: If I am not home can my order be left at my address?

A: Yes, providing your order is under 250kg. when checking out, please provide your instructions in the "Special Delivery Notes" field to leave your order in a specific place e.g 'Please leave around the back of house behind the bins.'

  • If goods can't be left at your location (drivers discretion) they will be taken back to the nearest depot where you will need to collect goods at your convenience. Re-sending goods will incur extra delivery charges.
  • To prevent paying extra delivery charges, please ensure you provide us with special delivery instructions.
  • Please note: For deliveries under 250kg, couriers are unable to call customers before arrival

Q: What if items are missing from my order?

Short delivery:  If your order is over 22kg and under 250kg it is possible that the items have been sent via a courier in loose boxes. Occasionally the courier may deliver the items in different batches. i.e If you order ten items and you receive only eight, then the delivery is short (of two items) = short delivery. The courier will then deliver the remaining items in the next 1-3 business days.

Out of stock items: Occasionally, some items may be temporarily out of stock and will be delivered at a later date as a back order, however, you will usually be notified of this prior to despatch. If you believe you are missing any boxes or items after carefully checking and opening everything you have received, (multiple items may be combined in one box), please check your invoice and courier delivery dockets to confirm.

Any claims for missing items must be made within 7 days of receiving your order (no exceptions) so that we can investigate whether it was a warehouse despatch error or items have been temporarily lost in transit. The sooner we are notified, the better chance we have of resolving missing items. Please contact customer service at sales@gymdirect.com.au or phone 1300 488 866.

Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?

A: Your order will be despatched from our Warehouse within 1-2 business days after your payment has been received. Once despatched it will take approx. 3-7 business days to arrive at your delivery address.


Q: How do I subscribe to receive the $20 gift voucher?

A: Simply add your email address into the subscription section near the top of the Gym Direct website and click send. You will instantly receive a $20 Gym Direct Gift Voucher to use on your next online purchase (please check junk or spam inbox as it may end up there).

$20 Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions:

The $20 Gym Direct Gift Voucher can only be used once per customer. Applicable to online orders that are over $50 in product value. The $20 Gym Direct gift voucher is applicable to online orders only. The $20 Gym Direct gift voucher is not in conjunction with other gift vouchers. Gym Direct has the right to decline purchases if the same code has been used more than once by the same person.

Q: How can I apply for a 10% industry discount online?

A: Please fill out the form located in 'Industry Discount' section at the top of Gym Direct's Home Page. If you are eligible for the industry discount, you will receive an email with the correct discount code within 72 hours.

Please note: Your discount code cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts ie. $20 signupvoucher, 'package price' items, DIY Home Gym Package Items or items in the 'Sales' category.


Q: Can I pay by credit card?

A: We accept master card and visa card via the website or over the phone (sorry, no Amex). Please call 1300 488 866 to make payment over the phone, if needed.

Q: Can I pay by Cheque or Money Order?

A: Yes, please make payment to See Trading Co Pty Ltd and post to PO Box 2793 Taren Point NSW 2229. Together with your cheque or money order, please enclose the order number, product description, and delivery address/phone/special delivery instructions, if any.

Q: What other payments method do you accept?

A: Bank deposit, Paypal and Cash (Cash is in store only). We do offer repayment options including ZipMoney and AfterPay. Please choose this option upon checkout if desired. Please note: Afterpay and ZipMoney is currently not available for custom Quotes/Invoices.

Q: Can I pay by COD?

A: Sorry, we don't accept COD (Cash on delivery) as the items are delivered by a third party courier company. We only accept cash for Warehouse Pick-ups.

Q: Does the price include GST

A: Yes, a tax invoice can be emailed or mailed to you upon request.

Lion Rewards Club

Q: What is this?

A: Gym Direct Lion Rewards Club is a free loyalty program that we provide to all of our Gym Direct customers. It’s our way of saying thank you, for your loyalty and for choosing Gym Direct as your one stop shop!
Shopping with Gym Direct as a Lion member means you earn points per purchase, and can put those points towards redeeming discounts and other rewards.

Q: Who can join?

A: Any customer who opens an account with Gym Direct Australia is automatically enrolled into the Gym Direct Lion Rewards Club. 

Q: How do I earn points?

A: You can earn points for all sorts of activities, including referring friends, writing reviews and making purchases. To see all the ways, you can earn points click the Earn Points

Q: When do my points expire?

A: Your points are valid for 12 months.

Q: Are points transferrable to other memberships?

A: No unfortunately points are non-transferrable.

Q: How to view my membership details:

A: Once you have logged into your account on Gym Direct you can click Rewards Club to view your loyalty memberships status, tier, point balance and eligibility for rewards.

Q: How do I redeem/use my points?

A: Once you have logged into to your Gym Direct account, press Rewards Cub in the top right corner.

You will be redirected to your membership page on the Gym Direct Lion Rewards Club website. Click use points/scroll down to Use Points to see what rewards you can redeem your points with.

Q: How do I view my point balance?

A: Once you are logged in, your point balance will show on the right side of the top bar of the Gym Direct website.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?

A: No. Earn as many as you can!

Q: What do the 'approved', 'pending' and 'cancelled' statuses mean?

A: Approved: These points can be redeemed on rewards immediately
Pending: These points are need to be verified before you can redeem them. This typically applies to purchases and referrals
Cancelled: These points will not be added to your account. For example, this will happen if you cancel a purchase (the points will change from pending to cancelled)

Q: What Tier am I currently in?

A: To view which tier you are currently in. First you must log in to your Gym Direct Account. Then press Rewards Club in the top right corner.

After this you will be redirected to your membership page. Click Tier Benefits

This will scroll you down to a section which looks similar to below, where you can view your current tier as well as how to move close you are to the next tier.

Q: How do I move up to the next Tier?

A: As you spend more shopping with Gym Direct, you will earn more points… bringing you closer to the next tier. You can also complete certain activities to earn bonus points. Click Tier Benefits to see how you can move up to the next Tier.

Q: What happens if a friend I refer cancels or returns their order?

A: Your pending points will become cancelled and will be removed from your account.

Q: Why did my account balance go down?

A: You, or someone you referred, cancelled or returned a purchase.

Q: I completed an activity but didn't earn points!

A: It can sometimes take a few minutes for us to process your activity and provide your points.

Q: Can I use my points during checkout?

A: Yes, you can use your points during checkout… but you must redeem your points for your chosen reward when you are reviewing your shopping cart.
On the shopping cart page click the “view rewards” button to redeem your points with a free one-time reward which will be added to your order!

Q: How do I leave the program?

A: If you no longer wish to earn points, please contact us and ask to be unenrolled. We'll unenroll you and you will lose any points you have accrued.

Q: What happens if I leave and decide to join again?

A: Contact us and we'll re-enrol you. However, your point total will begin from zero.

Q: Where can I report a problem or give feedback?

A: To report issues or provide feedback, please contact us via one of the following methods:
P: 1300 488 866

Warranty & Refund

Q: Does my product have warranty? Please see below: 

Home Grade / Light Commercial

  • Frame - 12 months return to base warranty (coating excluded)
  • Cable/Pulley - 6 months replacement warranty
  • Upholstery - 3 months return to base warranty
  • Labour exclusive


  • 10 year limited warranty on the structural frame (coating excluded)
  • 1-year on guide rods, cables, pulleys and weight plates (Excluded are functional trainers, cable crossovers, and any other machine with a height adjustable pulley system. Cables on such machines are covered by a 6 month warranty.)
  • 90-day on grips, upholstery and any items not specified
  • Labour exclusive


  • Pro-Style Dumbbells require maintenance. Loosening of Pro-Style Dumbbells is considered normal wear and therefore not covered under warranty. A limited 1 year warranty applies to the structural integrity
  • Rubber Hex dumbbells have a 1 year warranty on the structural integrity only. Coating not warranted.
  • Neoprene dumbbells have a 1 year warranty on the structural integrity only. Coating not warranted
  • Vinyl dumbbells have a 1 year warranty on the structural integrity only. Coating not warranted.
  • Chrome Dumbbells carry a 2 years structural warranty. Coating not warranted.

Q: What happens if my product is found to be Dead On Arrival?

A: We will replace your item if it is found to be Dead on Arrival (DOA) as soon as possible. Any DOA's must be contact/returned to us within 7 business days. For assistance with warranty claims and returns please email our warranty department: sales@gymdirect.com.au

Q: If the goods can not be repaired, will I have my money back?

A: Firstly, we will try to send you a replacement. It is your choice to accept the replacement or demand refund. Refund (less shipping cost) will be processed within 7 days upon receipt of return goods. For assistance with warranty claims and returns please email our warranty department: sales@gymdirect.com.au  

Q: Is there any exceptions for warranty?

A: Like all other companies, Gym Direct can't cover your warranty from misuse.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Minor cosmetic blemishes to paint/powder coating or other surfaces
  • Normal expected wear and tear
  • Any damage, failure or loss caused by accident, misuse, neglect, abuse, failure to follow servicing, maintenance instructions or warnings in the owner's manual. 
  • For assistance with warranty claims and returns please email our warranty department: sales@gymdirect.com.au

Q: I have changed my mind, can I return the goods? 

A: 10% restocking fee applies if returning due to "change of mind". Please contact Gym Direct within fourteen (14) days of the purchase date. Prior approval must be made before the return any goods to our stores so we can identify them appropriately when they arrive. The item must be returned to the store at the buyer’s expense and accompanied by proof of purchase.

The goods must be in new condition only (no used items) and to be returned in their original packaging or suitably packaged to prevent transportation damage. Gym Direct reserves the right to decline any returns or refunds. 

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