Medicine Balls and Slam Balls

Incorporate medicine balls into your workout routines to improve core muscles and strength training. Slam balls are a great way to develop power, speed and strength. Both medicine balls and slam balls primarily target your abdominal muscles.

Muscle Motion Slam Balls have been designed for slamming use on suitable surfaces such as gym tiles, EVA jigsaw mats, stall mats or turf, avoid slamming on the valve,  valve failure is not covered under warranty


Muscle Motion slam ball is covered by athree (3) month warranty formanufacturer’s defects and faults.

  • The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or cosmetic damage
  • The warranty does not cover negligent and improper use, alteration,mishandling, poor maintenance or incorrect storage - including damageas a result of slamming the ball against surfaces
  • The warranty does not cover valve failure
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