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3 Logical Benefits to Owning a Home Gym

Can’t always make it to the gym?

For a long time, having a gym membership has been the only way to get fit. But not anymore!

Setting up a home gym is now cheaper than ever and easier to get your hands on!

Having your own equipment is extremely practical even when you already have a gym membership!


A home gym is an investment in your health and fitness goals.

On those busy days where making it to the gym isn’t an option, imagine being only a few steps away from your own personal gym.

A home gym is a great alternative to keep you on track.

You can train before your morning shower or after you get home from work.

When using your home gym, you won’t have to dress-to-impress, so yes, you can wear that daggy t-shirt!

The classic excuse “I don’t have enough time” no longer sticks.

You can now get a workout done in the same time it takes to watch an episode of your favourite show on Netflix.

Save Money

For the days you decide not to go to the gym, a home gym can save you money on transportation costs like petrol and public transport, personal training fees and guilty pleasures from the gym vending machine.

Got a friend or family member who wants to hit the gym with you but doesn’t have a gym membership?

As the equipment would be yours, you could simply exercise together in your home gym and avoid paying for casual gym sessions.

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Make it Yours

Another huge benefit is that you can outfit your gym with exactly the equipment you need.

Whatever your fitness goals are, we sell a variety of equipment to suit any space.

If you want to build muscle, you could consider the Marcy Diamond Elite Bench + Rack paired with a Barbell & Dumbbell Weight Set to ensure you can exercise every muscle group!

If you want to lose weight, you could purchase a cardio machine such as a Proform Pro 5000 Treadmill or even an Assault Air Bike to torch the fat and get your sweat on.

If you want to gain strength in the 3 key lifts i.e. the squat, deadlift and bench press, a MMPR Rack + Bench + Barbell Package Deal paired with some Muscle Motion Bumper Plates would be perfect. These are just a few examples, but the possibilities are endless.

All our equipment is not only of premium quality built by leading brands, but also requires very little ongoing maintenance.

Here's one the home gym set ups that one of our valued customers shared with us:

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