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The Right Products for Your People

Everything we make is designed to be uncomplicated, durable and modern. Our commitment to simplicity means users of all kinds can step up to Vision equipment and get a workout started right away. Our tough designs stand up to hard use in busy environments, and a refined aesthetic creates a welcoming workout environment for all the people you serve.

Whether you manage hotels, multi-family housing, corporate wellness programs or municipal facilities, you can choose Vision knowing that we’re designing fitness equipment with your unique needs in mind. We’ll help you make the most of your space and budget while providing an exercise experience that’s accessible to everyone.

No matter what shape your fitness facility takes, Vision understands your unique needs. We specialize in providing fitness solutions that maximize your space, amplify your return on investment and provide an attractive, intuitive exercise experience for all the very different people you serve.


You want your guests to be able to maintain their regular fitness routine while on the road, and Vision is here to help. Expect simplicity of design that lets anyone jump on and get started without wasting a moment, durability that lasts from season to season and an attractively modern aesthetic. With Vision fitness equipment, you’ll give your guests a reason to come back again and again.

Multi-Family Housing

With all you do to serve your diverse community, you deserve a partner that’s just as committed. Choose Vision for lasting-quality equipment, accessible designs and a modern aesthetic that welcomes your residents to their favorite new place to work out. Together, we can make your fitness center a highlight of your offering.

Corporate Wellness

Vision can elevate your wellness program and enhance employee satisfaction with fitness equipment that’s pleasing to the eye and easy for anyone to use. Best of all, your people will be able to use it for years thanks to the durability of our quality components. Count on us to create a fitness center perfect for your company and your employees.

Municipal Facilities

Vision offers fitness equipment ideal for keeping first responders ready to roll. Our uncomplicated designs make it easy to grab a workout whenever there’s downtime, and our durable construction stands up to hard use for years. Trust Vision to work with you to create a station gym that’s perfect for the needs of your crew.

Vision Fitness
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