iFit The Personal Trainer Everyone's Hiring!

iFit - The Personal Trainer Everyone's Hiring!

Forget a gym membership!
Get a World Class Workout from the Comfort of Your Own Home with iFit!

You can now get a highly interactive and personalised workout in your own home.

Let’s be real. Gyms can be a hassle. High membership fees and expensive personal trainers are a barrier to getting you fit. They can also be a haven for germs, with many people sweating and using the same equipment every day. Not to mention, it can be difficult to find time in a busy schedule to even get there.

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Introducing iFit.

iFit is an interactive personal training service you can use at home. You can stream iFit on your equipment’s dashboard or on a tablet or smartphone. It gives you 24/7 access to some of the best personal trainers in the fitness industry who make your workout fun and engaging while challenging, guiding and motivating you.


Here at Gym Direct, we sell a range of high quality NordicTrack and Proform Treadmills, Stationary Bikes, Rowers, Ellipticals and Stair Climbers that are equipped with iFit technology. With the equipment in your home, you can workout at any time when it suits you.

Check out this video below featuring our Proform Pro 5000 Treadmill:

Destination workouts are one of the huge advantages of owning iFit fitness equipment as opposed to any run-of-the-mill exercise machines. You can virtually workout in many locations across the globe.
For example, you could climb mountains in South America on your Proform Pro 2000 Treadmill, ride the Tour de France on your NordicTrack GX2.7 Bike, or even explore tropical Hawaiian beaches on your NordicTrack C12.9 Elliptical. iFit will automatically adjust your machine’s speed, incline and resistance to follow what your trainer is doing and match the terrain, or you can make the adjustments yourself. With the huge library of workouts, you won’t find yourself getting bored.

iFit is more convenient than a gym, yet cheaper than a personal trainer. Gym memberships typically cost around $60/month and $40 for each personal training session. An iFit membership costs less than $1 per day! You do the math! Also selected iFit Ready NordicTrack and Proform equipment come with a free 1-year membership.

The combination of personalised workouts and access to world class trainers as well as the convenience of working out in your own home will help you lose weight and get fitter faster. If you are truly serious about your health and fitness goals for 2020 don’t wait! Invest in your health and buy an iFit cardio machine today!


iFit Equipment:

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