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July 22, 2019

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Kettlebell Exercises are the way to go when it comes to building your aerobic capacity and strength! 

Whether it's high-rep workouts or low-rep heavyweights, compound movements like swinging and squats using kettle bell's will have you feeling like a boss in no time!!
Our local Aussie celeb trainers Chief & Emilie, know the in's and out's of what to do and what not to do when it comes to using kettle bells in your exercise routine.
They've also been providing us with some solid inspo!! 
Check it out...
Samantha Jade smashing through her Kettle bell workout:
What does Chief & Emilie's SKWOD set up look like?
Check out the Pro 2.0 Comp Kettlebell Package that celebs are using!
Not sure where to get started? Grab a pair of kettlebell's instead, like Partick has here and discover your power through some stability and mobility drills.
Be prepared each day to confront your own self sabotage.

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helligdage sverige

August 01, 2019

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