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Summer Bodies are MADE in Winter!


Unfortunately, many of us will pile on a few extra kilos during the colder months. Here’s a few tips to keep that weight off and help you stay motivated this winter. 

Book a Tropical Mini-Break - Escape the cold and book a mid-winter FITNESS Holiday somewhere warm! The traditional "vegging out" holidays are becoming a thing of the past. Fitness holidays, boot camp retreats and wellness getaways are now available all over the world! 

Exercise during your lunch break - If it’s too cold before and after work, use your morning/lunch/afternoon tea breaks to go for a brisk walk or go to the park for a quick workout! 

Watch what you eat¬†‚Äď As it gets colder, the naughty comfort foods are more appealing than a healthy salad. To prevent unhealthy binge eating, have a BIG healthy breakfast, carry healthy snacks around with you and prepare your meals for the week on Sundays.¬†

Try a NEW Winter activity¬†‚Äď Ice skating, skiing and snowboarding burns HEAPS of calories! PLUS it‚Äôs a fun activity with friends and family.¬†

Build your own home gym - If you are on a budget,  save on gym fees and set up a home gym in your garage or spare room! (check out Gym Directs DIY HOME GYM section, this option lets you pick and choose different gym equipment and accessories at a discounted price.) 

Check into Facebook¬†- It sounds silly, but ‚Äúcheck in‚ÄĚ to your gym on Facebook BEFORE going! Now that you have committed yourself - you have to go! You don‚Äôt want to lie to your social media friends now do you?

Music is a motivator - Have you ever been in a bad mood then popped on some great music and PRESTO, instant mood change?!  It has been proven by multiple studies that listening to music whilst exercising increases motivation. Update your playlist with fresh new tunes that are upbeat! 

Get a short term gym membership¬†‚Äď Most gyms will offer a 3 month membership which will cover you for the Winter months! ¬†

Hire a Personal Trainer - There is many benefits of having a personal trainer! They personalise a program to suit your needs, teach you proper technique and push you harder then you would ever push yourself. 

Train for an event¬†‚Äď Charity walks, fun runs, tough mudder, warrior dash, spartan race, zombie runs and MORE! Set yourself a goal and train for an event ‚Ķ with so many events to choose from, the hardest part is picking just one.

Wear a fitness gadget - Fitness gadgets like the Fitbit etc can track your daily activities i.e exercise, food, weight and sleep! The latest mobile phones also have built in motion detectors to track your steps.  

Do you have any tips? We would love to hear from you. 

The team at Gym Direct!

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