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The Dual Pulley Machine You NEED!

The Dual Pulley Machine You NEED!

FT1003 Muscle Motion Wall Mounted Dual Pulley TowerIs your home gym or PT studio missing that all-in-one gym item because of limited space?

Welcome the Muscle Motion Wall Mounted Dual Pulley Tower (FT1003) into you/your client’s life!

If you want variety in your workout routine, versatility in a product and minimal use of space, this is the perfect machine for you.

The compact size and versatile functionality of the FT1003 allows you to maximise your workout with minimal space. No need to worry about rearranging your current gym set up, because the FT1003 has a small footprint, only around 203cm high and 72cm off the wall.

Other major benefits with this popular Muscle Motion product is the impeccably smooth movement and the double weight storage available for both Olympic and Standard weight plates. If you don’t already have plates to load onto this beauty, be sure to check out our Muscle Motion Elite Olympic Plates, they’re premium quality and only sold exclusively with Gym Direct.

FT1003 was built with safety and multi-functionality at the forefront of the design process. The wall mount feature solidifies the structure to provide extreme security and ensures utmost stability whilst you use this machine. The plush threaded cabling and rubber rods enhance drop absorption giving you peace of mind when it comes to ongoing cost of maintenance.

FT1003 is made with high quality steel and completes its clean and sleek appearance with a powder coated metal finish. So next time you can fly into your workout with confidence and really feel that burn with the FT1003 Dual Pulley Tower.




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