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Innovative Fitness
Technology Leadership

Harison leads with advanced fitness technology, offering efficient and effective workout experiences through state-of-the-art equipment.

Commitment to Quality
and Durability

Harison's equipment is designed to withstand rigorous use, ensuring long-term performance and safety.

Tailored Solutions for
Diverse Fitness Needs

Harison caters wide range of fitness needs with customizable solutions, perfect for both home gyms and professional fitness centers.

Dare to Innovate.

For over 27 years, HARISON has remained dedicated to principles of intelligence, scientific rigor, customization, and precision. These core values serve as the foundation of our commitment to innovation. We continuously strive to push the boundaries of technology, seeking breakthroughs that enable us to create new products that better cater to the realms of fitness and health.

From Cutting-Edge Cardio Machines to Strength-Building Wonders – We Have It All

Custom Gym Resolution Expert

Customization - 2D/3D Real Scene - Free Design and Consultation - Full Spectrum Support

Scientific Space Design

According to different space size, functional needs, and budget conditions
to provide customized space design, for customers with a very cost-effective fitness space.

Commercial Fitness

Home Fitness (Light Commercial)

Most Wished for Your Home Gym

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Gym Direct - Grenke Pay
Gym Direct - Humm Pay
Gym Direct - Commonwealth Bank
Gym Direct - Zip Pay




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