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Welcome to FleetX, your ultimate cardio machine solution for a great workout experience, every time! As a brand established in Australia by like-minded fitness enthusiasts, we understand the frustrations of lacking cardio products. That's why we created FleetX with a heavy focus on quality, durability, and performance. With FleetX, you can achieve your fitness goals while enjoying an unparalleled workout experience.

FleetX Air Ski Trainer

Bring ski season right to your house with the FleetX Ski Trainer! The ergonomic handlebars and upright position make it easier than ever to train as if you’re on a slope. With its minimal effort, adjustable speed belt drive, and stationary base you can train your body just like an Olympic athlete at a fraction of the price!

The Fleetx Ski Trainer is great for those of you who are constantly on the go and need a cardio machine that can fit into your home with ease. It features commercial grade materials but it's also light enough to carry about. There's an integrated console so you can log your data and follow any one of its many pre-set workout programs to keep things exciting! Bring out some fun in fat eradication, cellulite, muscle tightening or toning exercises.

Fleetx FXAB3 Air Bike

Are you ready to level up your cardio setup? The FleetX FXAB3 Air Bike would be a seriously impressive addition to any space, whether its at home or in a commercial gym. Featuring powder-coated steel frames and premium welding, this air bike is set to impress any fitness enthusiast.

Designed after lengthy consults with some of the worlds leading fitness professionals, the FleetX FXAB3 air bike is built with durability and usability as a primary focus. Navigate the interval training programs built-in to the console and utilize all of your main sets of fitness tracking, or take it at your own pace. Using the generous handle-arms, you'll quickly notice that the FXAB3 Air Bike automatically ramps up the resistance to match the force you exert as you ride. Targeting both the upper and lower muscle groups, it'll definitely make you sweat.

Fleetx FX-CT01 Commercial Curved Treadmil

Be in complete control of your run with this commercial curved treadmill from FleetX - set with magnetic resistance, a generous running board and absolutely NO main power consumption!

On the FXCT01 curved treadmill, you control the intensity of your run. It is one of the only treadmills that truly mimics the feeling of a real run in the outdoors thanks to its engine-free, generously-sized running belt. The curved treadmill has an extremely durable build-quality, and can fit perfectly in most spaces. It's also super-quiet, and won't chew up a huge electricity build.

FleetX Air Rower

This FleetX air-rower, after rigorous initial testing, was designed to allow the user to experience an effective and efficient aerobic workout that targets all of the major muscle groups without excessive load on the joints.

If you're familiar with FleetX, you know that high-performing machines are what they do - and that's exactly what you can expect with this air-resistance rower. With an integrated console and various workout circuits to choose from, this machine has it all - including fitness tracking features so there's no guessing how hard you've been working.

FleetX HIIT Bike

The bike is designed with commercial-grade durability in mind, capable of handling countless hours of HIIT sessions. While not your conventional spinning bike, this HIIT bike has all the features both driven and newbie fitness fans need to reach their goals. The Fleetx HIIT Bike is the perfect way to get an intense cardio workout in at home or at work, with adjustable seats for multiple comfort levels and handles for ultimate customization.

Intensity controls let you ramp up those climbs, while our interactive console displays key stats like RPMs, heart rate monitor readings, calories burned- it's all here! If you're ready to tackle any challenge life throws your way head on- we've got you covered with 110 workouts that range from beginner level intensity levels to expert fitness tests guaranteed to shred pounds quickly!

Designed by fitness enthusiasts who understand your needs, FleetX ensures you get a great workout experience, every time. Our machines are built to last, allowing you to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals. Choose FleetX and elevate your cardio sessions to new heights.

Our cardio machines incorporate cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, ensuring you can optimize your fitness routine. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete, FleetX provides the perfect platform to unleash your potential.

We've created FleetX to overcome these obstacles and empower you to reach new heights in your fitness journey. With FleetX, you'll enjoy a seamless workout experience, knowing that your machine is built to last, performs at its best, and helps you achieve your fitness goals efficiently.

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Rapid Motion Competition Kettlebells-Gym Direct

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