The Elite is finally here.

Seven flagship barbells, designed by athletes,
for athletes. Check out the collection below!


Elite Power Bar

For the Elite powerlifter who demands the best of the best - with aggressive knurling and a rating of up to 2000lbs.


Elite Deadlift Bar

For the Elite lifter who requires a bar that can handle the rigours of deadlifting - with aggressive knurling, and good whip.


Elite Curl Bar

Designed for functional curling exercises, with moderate knurling.


Elite Cross Bar

Made for serious cross trainers, in two colour options.


Elite Cross Bar

A step up from the 15kg bar - with the same two colour options.

Premium Knurling

Diamond-grip in both moderate or aggressive knurling styles.

High Weight Ratings

PSI ratings of between 190-205K, and capable of lifting up to 2000lbs*

Seven Elite Barbells

All of the highest quality - designed by athletes, for athletes.


"We're not just a gym equipment company, we want to be your partner in health and fitness. Our new line of barbells were designed with elite athletes in mind, but priced so that they're accessible to everyone - whether you're training at home, or in a commercial space."

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